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At Make It ADT, our vision was crystal clear from the start. Join us on this journey where personalization meets sustainability, creating a world where every choice makes a difference.



 Our products are fully customizable, ensuring that every detail reflects your unique style. From personalized gifts to self-indulgent treats, we're here to make your dreams a reality. Let Make It ADT be your creative confidant, always ready to bring your vision to life. Together, we'll craft moments that leave a lasting impression.


Turning sustainability into an art form by upcycling plastic and paper bags, along with repurposing discarded materials. Adding a personal touch, we create delightful fabric pouches. To gather and unleash the hidden potential of waste from countless households, ensuring every resource is cherished until its final chapter. 

Zero Waste

 As a zero waste brand,  we breathe new life into factory waste, transforming it into extraordinary creations. Even the tiniest remnants are collected and reborn as innovative fabrics or new products. At Make It ADT, nothing we touch ever finds its way to the bin. Join us in our mission to turn every scrap into a work of art.

We Work Hard to Provide You the Best Quality Handcrafted Products

In the year 2020, Aditi Parashar breathed life into Make it ADT, a realm of wonder and personalized shopping. Within this magical platform, customers embarked on a journey of discovery, uncovering handcrafted treasures that left no waste in their wake. From captivating home decor to stylish apparel, exquisite accessories to mesmerizing digital artworks, and even bespoke business stationery, our kingdom offered a cornucopia of delights.

We wove the threads of customization, crafting exclusive products that danced to the tune of each customer’s desires. Step into the whimsical world of Make it ADT, where dreams find their wings through every thoughtful creation.

Where it all Began.
Step into the captivating tale of Make it ADT. In the autumn of 2020, amidst a career crossroads, a spark of inspiration ignited within me. It was my mother who planted the seed of a business idea. As the world grappled with the arrival of Covid-19, face masks became an essential part of our daily attire. The notion of crafting and selling masks beckoned to me, and thus, Make it ADT was born.

Rummaging through remnants of fabric and macrame yarns from my college days, I fashioned adjustable masks that resonated with customers far and wide. But it was my father, a government office supplier, who became the linchpin of my marketing success. His support propelled me forward, and soon, I found myself inundated with bulk orders for 1000 masks. Though daunting, I rose to the challenge and triumphed.

Buoyed by the overwhelming response, I yearned to expand my creative horizons. Introducing a diverse array of products such as wall hangings, pendants, and wallets, I sought to infuse each piece with an eco-friendly essence. Upcycling and repurposing factory waste became the cornerstone of my brand, setting Make it ADT apart from the rest.

Every item showcased on Make it ADT is meticulously curated, with only one unique piece in existence. Embrace the allure of our handcrafted treasures and join me, Aditi Parashar, on this extraordinary journey of sustainable artistry.

Aditi Parashar

Hello, I'm Aditi Parashar, a fashion designer with a passion for creating beautiful art and vibrant designs. Since childhood, I've had a burning desire to pursue this path. As a dreamer lost in my own thoughts, I found my creative outlet during school vacations through DIY projects. This hobby grew into something significant during my time at NIFT, where I unleashed my innovation and crafted unique and captivating garments. What sets me apart is my dedication to sustainability. I take discarded goods and transform them into stunning, eco-friendly designs. As a conscious businesswoman, I understand the impact of my work on the environment and community. Work is my meditation, allowing me to bring my artistic visions to life. I'm excited to embark on a new chapter with Make It ADT, where I'll continue pushing boundaries and making a lasting impact in the world of fashion.

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