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  • Dimensions: 9.5  inches in diameter (the ideal size for various settings).
  • Materials: Sturdy hoop frame, quality fabric, embroidery, 
  • Installation: Lightweight and easy to hang—just find the perfect spot and let it work its magic.

Embrace the magic of the “Good Vibes Hoop Art.” Whether you’re sipping tea, meditating, or simply passing by, let it remind you that every stitch holds a wish for your well-being. 🌞🪡✨

Note: Actual product may vary slightly due to handcrafted details.

Introducing Make it ADT “Good Vibes Hoop Art”

Where positivity stitches itself into your space.

🌟 Vibe: Positive, blessful, mood lifting, and motivating – because good vibes are contagious.

🪡 What’s Inside:

  • A canvas of colorful embroidery, meticulously stitched in an enchanting pattern.
  • At the heart of this pattern, the words “Good Vibes Only” emerge, woven with love and intention.
  • The sun, a universal symbol of positivity, radiates from the center. Its rays are delicately represented by cotton cloth, evoking warmth and light.

🏠 Perfect for:

  • Bedrooms: Hang it above your bed for morning inspiration.
  • Living rooms: Let it be a daily reminder to choose joy.
  • Entry doors: Welcome guests with uplifting energy.
  • Cafes: Infuse your space with good vibes for your patrons.
  • Dining areas: Share meals in a positive atmosphere.
  • Balconies: Let the sun’s rays bless your outdoor moments.

🎨 Purpose:

  • Home Decor: Stitch happiness into your surroundings.
  • Decorative: Transform any space into a haven of positivity.



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