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  • Dimensions: 6 inches and 12 inches  in diameter (the ideal size for various settings).
  • Materials: Sturdy hoop frame, quality fabric, embroidery yarn
  • Installation: Lightweight and easy to hang—just find the perfect spot and let it work its magic

Embrace the magic of the “Sun Moon Hoop Art.” Whether you’re an astronomer, a dreamer, or simply someone who gazes at the sky, this pair invites you to explore the cosmos from the comfort of your home. 🌞🌙✨

Note: Actual product may vary slightly due to handcrafted details.

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Introducing Make it ADT “Sun Moon Hoop Art”

Where celestial magic graces your space.

🌟 Vibe: Imagine stardust settling on your fingertips, the cosmic dance of sun and moon – that’s the essence of our “Sun Moon Hoop Art.” It’s like a portal to the universe, where earthy tones meet astrological wonder.

🪡 What’s Inside:

  • Two distinct hoop arts, meticulously embroidered with celestial bodies.
  • The sun, with its golden rays, instills warmth and energy.
  • The moon, in its serene beauty, brings calmness and reflection.
  • Each stitch is a whisper of cosmic secrets.

🏠 Perfect for:

  • Bedroom: Hang them where dreams take flight, under the watchful gaze of sun and moon.
  • Living room: Let them be conversation starters during cozy evenings.
  • Balcony: Imagine stargazing with these companions.

🎨 Purpose:

  • Home Decor: Elevate your surroundings with earthy tones and astrological wonder.
  • Decorative: Celebrate the eternal dance between light and dark.


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