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  • Dimensions: 5.5  inches in diameter (the ideal size for various settings).
  • Materials: Sturdy hoop frame, quality fabric, embroidery yarns.
  • Installation: Lightweight and easy to hang—just find the perfect spot and let it work its magic.

The Token of Love Hoop Art celebrates the threads that bind us all.

Introducing the “Make It ADT” Token of Love Hoop Art, where threads weave emotions, and every stitch whispers affection. Crafted on delicate organza fabric, this embroidered masterpiece captures the essence of love, positivity, and joy.

Vibe: The Token of Love Hoop Art radiates warmth like a cozy embrace. Imagine hanging it in your favorite corner, where sunlight spills through the window. The vibe is pure affection – a reminder that love, like fine embroidery, requires patience and care.

What is in it: Within the hoop, a small, adorable squirrel comes to life through meticulous embroidery. Its tiny paws clutch a heart, and above it, the words “Nuts for you!!” are delicately stitched. This playful phrase carries layers of meaning: it’s not just about nuts; it’s about giving something you cherish to someone you adore. The squirrel represents your own heart, offering its most precious possession – love.

Where can it be put up: The Token of Love Hoop Art finds its place wherever love blooms:

  • Bedroom: Hang it near your bed, where dreams intertwine with reality. Let it be the first thing you see in the morning, a gentle reminder of affection.
  • Living Room: Adorn your living room wall, and watch as guests smile at the squirrel’s antics. It’s a conversation starter, sparking stories of love and shared moments.
  • Cafe and Parlors: Imagine sipping coffee or tea in a cozy corner, the squirrel peeking out from its hoop. It adds whimsy to your favorite hangout spot.
  • Entry Doors: Welcome visitors with love. Hang the Token of Love Hoop Art by the entrance, and let it set the tone for heartfelt encounters.

Purpose: Beyond mere decoration, this hoop art embodies connection. It’s a gift that says, “You’re my favorite person, and I’m nuts about you!” Whether you keep it for yourself or share it with someone special, the Token of Love Hoop Art celebrates the threads that bind us all.


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